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How to do a High Tea at Home

high tea at home

Have you ever wanted to host a high tea at home but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Well, we’ve got you covered with our top tips for throwing a great high tea party. From all the essentials you need to what time is considered appropriate for high tea in Australia, we have all the information you need to throw a successful high tea party that your guests will love. So grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!

What is High Tea?

High tea is an elegant afternoon tea party tradition that dates back to 19th century Britain. Traditionally served between 3 pm and 5 pm, it usually consists of a variety of tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, pastries, cakes, biscuits, and of course, a pot of hot tea. The food is served on tiered cake stands and guests are seated around a table. Nowadays, high tea is enjoyed all over the world, and guests are often encouraged to dress up in their dazzling best.

What Do You Need for a High Tea Party?

To host a high tea party, you’ll need the following equipment:

  1. Tea Set: A traditional tea set would typically include a teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, and a set of cups and saucers. It may also include small plates. Choose something elegant that fits the theme of your party.
  2. Cake Stands: You’ll need tiered cake stands to display your sandwiches, scones, and pastries. These are essential for creating that quintessential high tea look.
  3. Cutlery and Serving Utensils: Remember to have enough teaspoons for stirring tea and forks for eating the pastries. Serving tongs for the sandwiches and a cake server for the pastries can be very useful.
  4. Tablecloth and Napkins: A beautiful tablecloth can instantly elevate the look of your table. Cloth napkins are more traditional, but good-quality paper napkins can work too.
  5. Tea Strainer (Optional): If you’re serving loose-leaf tea, a tea strainer will come in handy.
  6. Decorations (Optional): You could consider adding some flowers or other decorations to your table to create a festive atmosphere.

Remember, the key to a successful high tea is to create an ambience of elegance and relaxation, so choose your equipment keeping this in mind.

What Time is High Tea in Australia?

In Australia, high tea time is between 2 pm and 4 pm. When you’re hosting a high tea party at home, you can opt for a time that works best for you and your guests.

What is Served at High Tea?

At a high tea party, a variety of light foods and snacks are typically served along with tea. Although there are no set rules as to what to eat and when (or in what order) you will want to serve a selection of savoury and sweet options. Here are some suggestions:

Finger Sandwiches: These can consist of any number of interesting fillings but cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, or egg and cress are all traditional favourites.

Savoury Quiches and Pastries: Savoury pastries such as mini quiches, sausage rolls, or cheese straws, are a great savoury option to balance out the sweet offerings.

Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream: A classic combination that’s always a hit at high tea.

Assortment of Pastries: This can include croissants, Danish pastries, or sweet tarts.

Cakes and Biscuits: Choices can range from Victoria sponge cake to shortbread cookies.

Tea: Offering a selection of teas is key. Consider Earl Grey, English Breakfast, or Darjeeling.

Cheese and Crackers: A platter of assorted cheeses and gourmet crackers can be a great addition.

Remember, the choice of what to serve can be tailored to the preferences and dietary requirements of your guests. If you’re feeling fancy, you could also add champagne or cocktails to the mix.


With these essentials, a few classic food options, and a stunning tablescape, you’ll be hosting a high tea party fit for a queen in no time. Remember to have fun with it and make the event your own by adding personal touches.

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Afternoon tea or high tea? Who cares as long as there’s tea and biscuits…

Tea and biscuits

If there’s one thing that we love as much as we love biscuits, it has to be tea. Tea and biscuits is the embodiment of the term ‘life’s simple pleasures’.

We get so caught up in the treadmill of no-dairy, no-sugar, no-caffeine that we sometimes forget that just a mindful moment with a cuppa and bickie is all we need.

But where does our love of tea and biscuits come from? Other than the fact that they are…well, bloody nice.

Tea and biscuits…in so many words.

There are many traditions that basically boil down to the same thing. A cup of tea and a little something sweet.

Afternoon tea

The forerunner of them all was probably afternoon tea. Invented by the British upper classes in the early Victorian age, afternoon tea was a light meal designed to stave off hunger in the afternoon as dinner was traditionally served late in the evening. Also known as low tea, it was served on low tables away from the formality of the dining table. A casual, although refined affair, afternoon tea consists of dainty little things served with a pot of tea. Finger sandwiches, scones, and small cakes are all typical of afternoon tea.

High tea

At around the same period, as the Industrial Revolution gathered steam, the working classes were also partaking of tea. High tea was originally a meal taken when coming in from work. Eaten at the table (the only table aka the kitchen table) this was a more substantial meal yet also accompanied by a pot of tea. There would be pie, bread, maybe some cold meat. Perhaps a loaf cake, or some crumpets. Biscuits.

The upper classes thought this was all jolly good fun and so also had their own version of high tea, taken if one was going to the theatre or something and expected a very late supper.

The term high tea is now more likely to be interchangeable with afternoon tea, and taken to mean the classic afternoon tea of tea, sandwiches and scones; usually eaten out, as a treat.


The changes to the working pattern of the world led to changes in the way people eat. An early start meant an early breakfast, and so the concept of a mid morning snack was born. We already understood the restorative power of a cup of tea and a biscuit, and the once expensive tea and sugar were more readily available than ever.

To this day, tea and biscuits means a break. It might be a social affair; a catch up in a cafe with a friend. It may be a solitary pleasure; a moment of me time. Whatever it may be, savour it slowly, enjoy it and appreciate it as millions of workers before you have done. And if you are one of the rare folk who doesn’t like tea…

…well there’s always coffee.


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Bush Cookies brand Ginger Macadamia Biscuits

Bush Cookies brand Ginger Macadamia Biscuits

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High Tea Food – Cookies and Biscuits

Great Gourmet Cookies for a High Tea Party

Great Gourmet Cookies for a High Tea Party

If you have been invited to a High Tea Party then your probably looking forward to a pleasant afternoon of relaxation away from the daily grind.

You may be thinking to take an interesting gourmet contribution of high tea food to the High Tea Party. We suggest a quick fix with a platter of gourmet hand made wholesale cookies, but you don’t always have to bake these.

You can buy gorgeous hand made wholesale cookies for high tea food, from Bush Cookies instead. A variety, (at least three types) of cookies can make a beautiful presentation on a large platter, especially with a colorful adornments like some fruit. Maybe take some in-fashion, healthy, organic Matcha Tea to go with them?

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The Art of High Tea Food

High Tea food with Bush Cookies

The art of high tea food event doesn’t only depend on the fine teas and tableware or the gourmet sweets or savory collection of delights, but more for the pleasure of a leisurely afternoon with true friends, maybe some new like-minded friends, and the relaxed easy discussion amid our busy lives.

High Tea is a time to enjoy fine treats as high tea food like the hand-made gourmet cookies made by Bush Cookies. Your girlfriends may think you baked these, as they are unique and tasty and like all home made favorite recipes, are made to a quality and not to a price point.

Executive Chef at Bush Cookies, Aniko, commented that, “Today’s lifestyles are busy and mothers should take the time out to enjoy a first class high tea food experience with friends, at least once a month”. “Get a baby sitter. Just unwind and enjoy some simple girl talk with like minded friends”.

High Tea Food

High tea food is an experience, it’s something everyone should enjoy. Enjoying fine teas, perhaps even a quality matcha tea as an option and some glorious sweet cookies that none of your guests need to feel guilty about, because its a rare and important event.  So get out your best crockery, borrow a nice teapot from your mum or your favorite aunt. Roll out that favorite tablecloth and linen napkins and order a wide variety of gourmet bush cookies for your high tea food online.

The rise in popularity of high tea parties is relevant to the times and to the need for better interpersonal relations and friendly discussion. Many brides these days select high tea as a simple hen’s party option, but most often high tea is used by friends who simply wish to catch up.

So, take a regular time out and treat your friends and your loved ones to an indulgent afternoon at home to experience the art of a high tea party.

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