Ginger Date Cookies

Ginger Date Biscuits by Bush Cookies

Ginger Date Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits
Real Dates in fresh and vigorous ginger biscuits, Super crunchy. If you like ginger you will LOVE our Ginger Date Biscuits. Bakers Warning: These are not old fashioned version that would break many a tooth, but do mind the teeth as this cookie has a bigger crunch that can bite back. Super ginger biscuits for dunking.
Bush Cookies are all about the taste, aroma and flavor. Take these to your next High Tea Party

The cookie lover’s favorite Australian baker will deliver wholesale orders of these Ginger Bicuits ( and 17 other flavours), freight free, to grocery retailers and cafes in major metro regions.

Order now online from our parent company  wholesale food Suppliers for Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane, Opera Foods. (Register and log-in to see wholesale prices)