About Us

The Bush Cookies is a long established Australian family owned registered business name. The business AUSSIE BUSH BIKKIES PTY LTD was first established online in 2003 from premises in Port Macquarie NSW to sell, “Quality gourmet foods made to the highest standards using 100% natural Australian ingredients and Australian bush fruits, nuts, honey and spices”. That company later failed, but the bush biscuits and cookies were great, and so the products of the business lived on and developed, under new owners trading as Bush Cookies since 2011.

Bush Cookies are wholesale suppliers to Australia’s gourmet grocers and retailers of Cookies, Cream filled cookies and mini melting moments.

Registered trading names; Bush Cookies and Bush Bickies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Opera Foods Pty Ltd an Australian distributor of Gourmet foods

For Australian brand Outback Cookies see www.outbackcookies.com.au

For Australias best Outback Biscuits see www.outbackbiscuits.com.au

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